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The Toronto Maple Leafs

March 3, 2008

I’ve been wanting to bitch about this team for a long time, and now that I have my own blog I finally get the chance to. This hockey teams foundation has slowly been crumbling ever since Wendel Clark retired from playing. The reason for this is simple; poor decisions made by shitty general managers in regards to players that are worse than everyone makes them out to be. I am talking about one player in specific; Mats Sundin.

Lets take a look back at the playoffs a few years back. The Maple Leafs lost Sundin for a brief period of time and Gary Roberts was made the temporary captain of the team. Guess what happened? The team was winning hockey games. The team seemed to have the passion and the drive to go all the way to the Stanley Cup final. The team had something that Sundin does not provide them; inspiration and motivation from a player who has been through a world of shit and still gives 100% no matter how bad his team is losing. I’m talking about Gary Roberts. What happened when Sundin came back? They dropped out of the playoffs faster than a rabbit gets fucked. After this display it should have been obvious to the GM that removing Sundin from the team and promoting Roberts to captain would be a wise decision. So what does the GM do? He trades Roberts. Fucking idiot.

Now you have a team that is at the bottom of the barrel. A team that currently has one of the worst records in the NHL. They have finally fired Ferguson, something which should have been done ages ago. So now they have this new guy, well not so much new, but different. This guys goes by Fletcher, and even though everyone anticipated him to start making some good moves, the guy hasn’t done fuck all for the team except get rid of 2 of Toronto’s highly skilled players.

Trade time is over. Sundin was given the option to leave. This would have provided the team with a lot more money they could use to get a couple decent names on the team, but he decided to stay with Toronto. Even if Sundin did leave Toronto, who would then become the captain? McCabe? Tucker? They both can be alright players at times, but they are not captain material.

Toronto needs to get rid of Sundin and get themselves a player that can lead, inspire, and motivate this team. I suggest getting Roberts back by trading Sundin for him and maybe one other prospect from the Panthers. Until they find a new captain, your Maple Leafs have no shot of ever winning a cup.