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The idiot of the day

March 3, 2008

Todays internet idiot is a very special fucktard. His name is Cody and he is from Philly. Cody thought it would be a good idea to start hitting on a girl whose boyfriend was sitting right beside her in a facebook poker room. Cody’s profile picture makes him out to be a 17 year old skinny wigger with a big mouth…or perhaps big fingers is more appropriate.

The following text log is from the poker room chat log.

[Carol ******]: its ok
[Dimitris ********]: nice puppies
[Carol ******]: no
[Carol ******]: nh
[Christian Fournier]: ty
[Cody ******]: lets go bra
[Erin ******]: lol
[Cody ******]: lloll dam u fine
[Erin ******]: pardon?
[Cody ******]: ur pretty
[Erin ******]: thanks..
[Cody ******]: wut u think of me
[Cody ******]: ???
[Erin ******]: …i dunno ask my boyfriend.. that sitting beside me
[Erin ******]: thats*
[Tom ****]: …………………
[Cody ******]: ight wuts he think of me
[Kevin ******]: whats the point of raising 2 chips. lol.
[Tom ****]: well ill think diff when i kerb stomp ur head
[Erin ******]: …poker
[Erin ******]: 😀
[Kevin ******]: hehe
[Tom ****]: :s
[Cody ******]: u aint goin to do ****
[Erin ******]: lol.. bathroom
[Cody ******]: let me hook up wit her right quick
[Erin ******]: wtf??
[Erin ******]: can we just play poker please
[Cody ******]: tell you bf to shut the **** up
[Kevin ******]: no matter where you go on the internet, theres always gotta be a ****ing idiot.
[Tom ****]: ur cocky way over there eh skinny boy
[Dimitris ********]: the dealer is a mess
[Cody ******]: ill **** u up tho pussy
[Tom ****]: lol fft ur funnyz
[Tom ****]: thats a armerican for you cocky but can’t do ****
[Tom ****]: punk
[Erin ******]: nh lol
[Cody ******]: where the **** u live ill come and **** u up right now
[Erin ******]: omg.
[John *******]: lol
[Erin ******]: stop please
[Kevin ******]: hahaha
[Erin ******]: F(_)CK!
[Kevin ******]: hahahahahaha internet tough guys crack me up
[Cody ******]: nsh f u c k that ****
[Erin ******]: …..
[Tom ****]: hahha jokes buddy
[Erin ******]: .. stop please babe
[Cody ******]: dont ****in call me your buddy aint your buddy
[Tom ****]: go for a nap skinny boy
[Dimitris ********]: Mr. Codygo and piss..don’t f*** that much
[Cody ******]: i will in one sec ight babe
[Kevin ******]: drop it you ****ing nerd.
[Dimitris ********]: leave sth 4 us 2
[Erin ******]: excuse me?
[Dimitris ********]: 4 the f* monkeys
[Cody ******]: u heard
[Erin ******]: thank you cody 🙂
[Erin ******]: later
[Kevin ******]: later loser LOL
[Tom ****]: a true piece of sh.. american for you cocky,rude,
[Cody ******]: shut the **** up pussy i aint leavin bitch
[Kevin ******]: just stop worrying about it. its the ****ing internet dude. lol
[Cody ******]: shut the **** up pussy
[Erin ******]: what is this all about!?
[Kevin ******]: are you going to email me a punch in the face? hahaha
[Tom ****]: hahahha
[Erin ******]: kaaaaa POW b!tch!
[Erin ******]: hii ya!
[Cody ******]: no but tell me where u live and ill come **** u up
[Kevin ******]: oh **** i just got an email from
[Tom ****]: hahaha kevin
[Erin ******]: I just worked your @ss
[Erin ******]: ahahah
[Erin ******]: I like this guy
[Tom ****]: hahahhaha
[Cody ******]: both u shut the **** up u aint goin to do **** anways
[Kim ****]: mute is the best button in the world
[Erin ******]: ouch
[Kim ****]: nh
[Dimitris ********]: anyway, it was a good game
[Cody ******]: u ****in suxs wit come backs
[Tom ****]: cody u wonna pay the money 2 fly down here plz do id love 2 meet u
[Dimitris ********]: the monkey is gonna go to eat a banana
[Cody ******]: where u live pussy i will
[Dimitris ********]: this Cody is too much
[Tom ****]: hahahaha canada toronto
[Tom ****]: lets do this
[Cody ******]: first of all your a ****inn fagget and i aint goin to gay ass toronto just so i can **** your bitch
[Tom ****]: lol think wat u wan’t cocky pixle boy
[Tom ****]: u have so many friends in this table
[Cody ******]: u hit that **** yet
[Kim ****]: kaping
[Cody ******]: yo tom u hit that fine peice of ass erin yet
[Cody ******]: ???
[Tom ****]: i can tell ur single learn how 2 speak 2 a women u **** bag ohh i wonna **** you up so bad new table we dun need this rude skinny boy ****
[Kim ****]: well mute the sh**head cody….thats annoying
[Tom ****]: how
[Kim ****]: press mute and choose name
[Cody ******]: yo erin im tryin to hit that ****
[Tom ****]: oh thx u
[Tom ****]: much better
[Kim ****]: no prob
[Kim ****]: hehe
[Kim ****]: now he will leave
[Dimitris ********]: well done kim
[Damon ******]: cody are you a 80 pound wigger?
[Tom ****]: haha
[Tom ****]: y
[Tom ****]: ea tru
[Kevin ******]: hahahaha
[Erin ******]: lol
[Erin ******]: ugh..
[Cody ******]: we aint got that ****in pussy bumpin in i muted his ass so wuz good
[Cody ******]: ill **** u up tho
[Kim ****]: go cody the sh** head
[Kevin ******]: dont worry cody one day your testies will drop
[Cody ******]: kim suck my dick
[Tom ****]: hashahahahahahha
[Tom ****]: hahahahha
[Damon ******]: you’re disgusting cody… you look like you should go to a mall and get caught shop lifting
[Tom ****]: hhahahahahha
[Damon ******]: are you 80 pounds?
[Erin ******]: with his lifesaver’s t-shirt
[Damon ******]: is your mom in jail?
[Kim ****]: and the shop will let you off so they dont loose customers
[Damon ******]: lol
[Dimitris ********]: just get him a smallersize blouse, for the moment
[Damon ******]: cody do you get hand-me-downs from your fatter older sister?
[Erin ******]: hot pic dimitris.. not gonna lie here
[Kim ****]: hey everyone cody rymes on idiot lol
[Tom ****]: its funny how skinny poor wigger ******s think that there **** doesn’t stink maybe he will clue in he will always be a low lifer
[Dimitris ********]: you like my lipstick?
[Erin ******]: love it
[Tom ****]: hahhaa
[Erin ******]: what shade?
[Cody ******]: ur a ****in fagget
[Dimitris ********]: revlon?
[Tom ****]: thats all we get from ur poor ass mouth
[Erin ******]: nice fold coy
[Erin ******]: cody*
[Erin ******]: nice… revlon .. good choice:)
[Dimitris ********]: jajajaja
[Cody ******]: let me f u c k u
[Tom ****]: wow ur not just a skinny bitch but now ur slow
[Damon ******]: cody do you spend your welfare cheques on the newest phat farm shoes?
[Erin ******]: ahaha.. omg!!!
[Cody ******]: no i spend it on your mom
[Erin ******]: you giuys are horrible
[Kim ****]: cody wants his thumbs
[Damon ******]: bye cody
[Tom ****]: wow cody stop u look so fin slow
[Cody ******]: i aint goin no were
[Erin ******]: f(_)ck he’s back
[Erin ******]: … it’s * Where..
[Erin ******]: do we need to go back to grade 2 again?
[Cody ******]: suck my dick bitch
[Erin ******]: ahaha..
[Damon ******]: cody are you a virgin?
[Damon ******]: you probably are
[Erin ******]: * it’s like it’s non exsisting . babe lol
[Cody ******]: not since a couple weeks ago wit your mom
[Tom ****]: sitting at this table im dropping smarts like mad
[Kim ****]: nope he is a proffesinal wan*er
[Cody ******]: **** everyone on this table
[Damon ******]: asterix everybody on this table?
[Erin ******]: why haven’t you left yet then?
[Kim ****]: oops sorry im drunk hehe but not all cody
[Tom ****]: im all greg
[Kim ****]: nh
[Cody ******]: pce nuccas