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The Toronto Maple Leafs

March 3, 2008

I’ve been wanting to bitch about this team for a long time, and now that I have my own blog I finally get the chance to. This hockey teams foundation has slowly been crumbling ever since Wendel Clark retired from playing. The reason for this is simple; poor decisions made by shitty general managers in regards to players that are worse than everyone makes them out to be. I am talking about one player in specific; Mats Sundin.

Lets take a look back at the playoffs a few years back. The Maple Leafs lost Sundin for a brief period of time and Gary Roberts was made the temporary captain of the team. Guess what happened? The team was winning hockey games. The team seemed to have the passion and the drive to go all the way to the Stanley Cup final. The team had something that Sundin does not provide them; inspiration and motivation from a player who has been through a world of shit and still gives 100% no matter how bad his team is losing. I’m talking about Gary Roberts. What happened when Sundin came back? They dropped out of the playoffs faster than a rabbit gets fucked. After this display it should have been obvious to the GM that removing Sundin from the team and promoting Roberts to captain would be a wise decision. So what does the GM do? He trades Roberts. Fucking idiot.

Now you have a team that is at the bottom of the barrel. A team that currently has one of the worst records in the NHL. They have finally fired Ferguson, something which should have been done ages ago. So now they have this new guy, well not so much new, but different. This guys goes by Fletcher, and even though everyone anticipated him to start making some good moves, the guy hasn’t done fuck all for the team except get rid of 2 of Toronto’s highly skilled players.

Trade time is over. Sundin was given the option to leave. This would have provided the team with a lot more money they could use to get a couple decent names on the team, but he decided to stay with Toronto. Even if Sundin did leave Toronto, who would then become the captain? McCabe? Tucker? They both can be alright players at times, but they are not captain material.

Toronto needs to get rid of Sundin and get themselves a player that can lead, inspire, and motivate this team. I suggest getting Roberts back by trading Sundin for him and maybe one other prospect from the Panthers. Until they find a new captain, your Maple Leafs have no shot of ever winning a cup.


The idiot of the day

March 3, 2008

Todays internet idiot is a very special fucktard. His name is Cody and he is from Philly. Cody thought it would be a good idea to start hitting on a girl whose boyfriend was sitting right beside her in a facebook poker room. Cody’s profile picture makes him out to be a 17 year old skinny wigger with a big mouth…or perhaps big fingers is more appropriate.

The following text log is from the poker room chat log.

[Carol ******]: its ok
[Dimitris ********]: nice puppies
[Carol ******]: no
[Carol ******]: nh
[Christian Fournier]: ty
[Cody ******]: lets go bra
[Erin ******]: lol
[Cody ******]: lloll dam u fine
[Erin ******]: pardon?
[Cody ******]: ur pretty
[Erin ******]: thanks..
[Cody ******]: wut u think of me
[Cody ******]: ???
[Erin ******]: …i dunno ask my boyfriend.. that sitting beside me
[Erin ******]: thats*
[Tom ****]: …………………
[Cody ******]: ight wuts he think of me
[Kevin ******]: whats the point of raising 2 chips. lol.
[Tom ****]: well ill think diff when i kerb stomp ur head
[Erin ******]: …poker
[Erin ******]: 😀
[Kevin ******]: hehe
[Tom ****]: :s
[Cody ******]: u aint goin to do ****
[Erin ******]: lol.. bathroom
[Cody ******]: let me hook up wit her right quick
[Erin ******]: wtf??
[Erin ******]: can we just play poker please
[Cody ******]: tell you bf to shut the **** up
[Kevin ******]: no matter where you go on the internet, theres always gotta be a ****ing idiot.
[Tom ****]: ur cocky way over there eh skinny boy
[Dimitris ********]: the dealer is a mess
[Cody ******]: ill **** u up tho pussy
[Tom ****]: lol fft ur funnyz
[Tom ****]: thats a armerican for you cocky but can’t do ****
[Tom ****]: punk
[Erin ******]: nh lol
[Cody ******]: where the **** u live ill come and **** u up right now
[Erin ******]: omg.
[John *******]: lol
[Erin ******]: stop please
[Kevin ******]: hahaha
[Erin ******]: F(_)CK!
[Kevin ******]: hahahahahaha internet tough guys crack me up
[Cody ******]: nsh f u c k that ****
[Erin ******]: …..
[Tom ****]: hahha jokes buddy
[Erin ******]: .. stop please babe
[Cody ******]: dont ****in call me your buddy aint your buddy
[Tom ****]: go for a nap skinny boy
[Dimitris ********]: Mr. Codygo and piss..don’t f*** that much
[Cody ******]: i will in one sec ight babe
[Kevin ******]: drop it you ****ing nerd.
[Dimitris ********]: leave sth 4 us 2
[Erin ******]: excuse me?
[Dimitris ********]: 4 the f* monkeys
[Cody ******]: u heard
[Erin ******]: thank you cody 🙂
[Erin ******]: later
[Kevin ******]: later loser LOL
[Tom ****]: a true piece of sh.. american for you cocky,rude,
[Cody ******]: shut the **** up pussy i aint leavin bitch
[Kevin ******]: just stop worrying about it. its the ****ing internet dude. lol
[Cody ******]: shut the **** up pussy
[Erin ******]: what is this all about!?
[Kevin ******]: are you going to email me a punch in the face? hahaha
[Tom ****]: hahahha
[Erin ******]: kaaaaa POW b!tch!
[Erin ******]: hii ya!
[Cody ******]: no but tell me where u live and ill come **** u up
[Kevin ******]: oh **** i just got an email from
[Tom ****]: hahaha kevin
[Erin ******]: I just worked your @ss
[Erin ******]: ahahah
[Erin ******]: I like this guy
[Tom ****]: hahahhaha
[Cody ******]: both u shut the **** up u aint goin to do **** anways
[Kim ****]: mute is the best button in the world
[Erin ******]: ouch
[Kim ****]: nh
[Dimitris ********]: anyway, it was a good game
[Cody ******]: u ****in suxs wit come backs
[Tom ****]: cody u wonna pay the money 2 fly down here plz do id love 2 meet u
[Dimitris ********]: the monkey is gonna go to eat a banana
[Cody ******]: where u live pussy i will
[Dimitris ********]: this Cody is too much
[Tom ****]: hahahaha canada toronto
[Tom ****]: lets do this
[Cody ******]: first of all your a ****inn fagget and i aint goin to gay ass toronto just so i can **** your bitch
[Tom ****]: lol think wat u wan’t cocky pixle boy
[Tom ****]: u have so many friends in this table
[Cody ******]: u hit that **** yet
[Kim ****]: kaping
[Cody ******]: yo tom u hit that fine peice of ass erin yet
[Cody ******]: ???
[Tom ****]: i can tell ur single learn how 2 speak 2 a women u **** bag ohh i wonna **** you up so bad new table we dun need this rude skinny boy ****
[Kim ****]: well mute the sh**head cody….thats annoying
[Tom ****]: how
[Kim ****]: press mute and choose name
[Cody ******]: yo erin im tryin to hit that ****
[Tom ****]: oh thx u
[Tom ****]: much better
[Kim ****]: no prob
[Kim ****]: hehe
[Kim ****]: now he will leave
[Dimitris ********]: well done kim
[Damon ******]: cody are you a 80 pound wigger?
[Tom ****]: haha
[Tom ****]: y
[Tom ****]: ea tru
[Kevin ******]: hahahaha
[Erin ******]: lol
[Erin ******]: ugh..
[Cody ******]: we aint got that ****in pussy bumpin in i muted his ass so wuz good
[Cody ******]: ill **** u up tho
[Kim ****]: go cody the sh** head
[Kevin ******]: dont worry cody one day your testies will drop
[Cody ******]: kim suck my dick
[Tom ****]: hashahahahahahha
[Tom ****]: hahahahha
[Damon ******]: you’re disgusting cody… you look like you should go to a mall and get caught shop lifting
[Tom ****]: hhahahahahha
[Damon ******]: are you 80 pounds?
[Erin ******]: with his lifesaver’s t-shirt
[Damon ******]: is your mom in jail?
[Kim ****]: and the shop will let you off so they dont loose customers
[Damon ******]: lol
[Dimitris ********]: just get him a smallersize blouse, for the moment
[Damon ******]: cody do you get hand-me-downs from your fatter older sister?
[Erin ******]: hot pic dimitris.. not gonna lie here
[Kim ****]: hey everyone cody rymes on idiot lol
[Tom ****]: its funny how skinny poor wigger ******s think that there **** doesn’t stink maybe he will clue in he will always be a low lifer
[Dimitris ********]: you like my lipstick?
[Erin ******]: love it
[Tom ****]: hahhaa
[Erin ******]: what shade?
[Cody ******]: ur a ****in fagget
[Dimitris ********]: revlon?
[Tom ****]: thats all we get from ur poor ass mouth
[Erin ******]: nice fold coy
[Erin ******]: cody*
[Erin ******]: nice… revlon .. good choice:)
[Dimitris ********]: jajajaja
[Cody ******]: let me f u c k u
[Tom ****]: wow ur not just a skinny bitch but now ur slow
[Damon ******]: cody do you spend your welfare cheques on the newest phat farm shoes?
[Erin ******]: ahaha.. omg!!!
[Cody ******]: no i spend it on your mom
[Erin ******]: you giuys are horrible
[Kim ****]: cody wants his thumbs
[Damon ******]: bye cody
[Tom ****]: wow cody stop u look so fin slow
[Cody ******]: i aint goin no were
[Erin ******]: f(_)ck he’s back
[Erin ******]: … it’s * Where..
[Erin ******]: do we need to go back to grade 2 again?
[Cody ******]: suck my dick bitch
[Erin ******]: ahaha..
[Damon ******]: cody are you a virgin?
[Damon ******]: you probably are
[Erin ******]: * it’s like it’s non exsisting . babe lol
[Cody ******]: not since a couple weeks ago wit your mom
[Tom ****]: sitting at this table im dropping smarts like mad
[Kim ****]: nope he is a proffesinal wan*er
[Cody ******]: **** everyone on this table
[Damon ******]: asterix everybody on this table?
[Erin ******]: why haven’t you left yet then?
[Kim ****]: oops sorry im drunk hehe but not all cody
[Tom ****]: im all greg
[Kim ****]: nh
[Cody ******]: pce nuccas

Fight Club

March 2, 2008

Seldom does a brilliant movie such as this one come along. A movie with a message that is not realized by the general population. It is not realized because people are stupid. It is not realized because people are ignorant, and only see this movie as a source of entertainment and nothing more. Movies like this are more than a source of entertainment. They are a source of spectacular writing matched by marvelous acting thrown together on one screen people can gawk at. However, the problem lies in the fact that the ladies get lost in Brad Pitts figure, while the men get lost in all of the violence and foul language displayed throughout the movie.

I am going to do the world a favor. I am going to tell you why Fight Club was not only a movie, but a message you should be following every single day of your life. The important message which this movie is telling us is that we should be living our lives to the fullest. This can be accomplished by imagining that we are dying, looking back at our lives, and seeing the main things we regretted not doing most, then fucking doing them. Not making up excuses as to why they can not or should not be done, not putting them off for another time in our lives, but taking care of business, getting off our asses, and making something of ourselves.

“First you have to give up, first you have to know…not fear…know… that someday you’re gonna die.”


March 2, 2008

Wow so apparently I can’t even edit the CSS of this fucking thing without paying money. Although I would like to make a bigger deal about this than it really is, at least they aren’t shoving their sponsors poorly marketed banner ads down my throat like every other “free” service on the internet.

Whatever, this will do.

Welcome to my world

March 2, 2008

I have created this blog for the exact same reason any other person in the world has created a blog; to say whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want while simultaneously allowing assholes and idiots to come and comment on what I have to say.

That is all for now.